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 Some Web Site requires you to accept COOKIES visited the site for easier navigation. ARKADIAS the website is aligned to that convention

A cookie is a file that you visited, stored on the hard disk of the user, in order to recognize among others. Cookies are used primarily by websites to maintain the user session and associated references when browsing the site.

In other words, a user who visits a site must accept cookies to site visited, are stored on your own hard disk for faster display and a more immediate recognition site successive days; his own computer will remember this site and post it immediately. This will not pose a danger to the computer beyond the next practice display. Although unexpended, free the user to keep or delete such data.

Be careful all the same sites visited because if the site is not on or very serious, its cookies may represent a danger to the computer virus.

 Although small and lightweight, it is suitable to perform a periodic deletion of cookies from its storage disk; it will avoid a build up in numbers falling.


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